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Courier Services vs. Postal Services: What are the Differences?

Courier Services

We are in the 21st century, and technology has developed immensely over the past several decades, and the world has been changing ever since. But certain aspects only incorporate these innovations to make the service more efficient. Postal and courier services are two of those categories that have improved with the various technological applications. However, the concept hasn’t uprooted completely, especially in this new decade where people are looking for convenient options to get things delivered to the doorstep.

eCommerce businesses

As eCommerce businesses are also increasing, the scope for courier services is also broadening. Choosing the best one can be quite hard when you are provided with an overwhelmingly huge number of options. Postal services are usually managed and operated by national governments. While courier services can be used to transport various goods, postal service is mostly used for parcels and documents. Most of the items transported fall under the same category, but the latter is opted for when businesses want to send non-urgent items. Let us look at the basic differences between courier services and postal services.


Courier services include different types such as international shipping, local shipping, and time-sensitive shipping. All three have distinct features, and they also vary in their pricing. Local shipping might not cost as much as the other two, but it would surely be more expensive than postal services. You only need to pay the shipping costs, making it an affordable option. However, it is time-consuming and isn’t as effective as private systems. On the other hand, courier services are fast and reliable, which are features that come at a slightly higher price.

Service Quality

People who opt for postal services might do so mostly when they aren’t concerned about the delivery date or when they want to keep the expenses to the minimum. By paying a small amount for the shipping and delivery, you are running the risk of infrequent tracking, late deliveries, and inefficient customer service. Although postal services are relatively less reliable, some countries have improved their service to deliver the items on time. When you choose courier services, you have to pay additional costs such as parcel-handling fees, remote area surcharges, and fuel surcharges. But these are paid off with the quality of service. All the stages from shipping to delivery are handled with expertise and care. They also stick to a given timeframe to deliver the product when the customer needs it.

Size Restrictions

Courier services have fewer weight and size restrictions over the shipping of goods. If you opt for postal service, you may not be able to send all types of goods because of the size restrictions. So, if you want to ship furniture, appliances, equipment, or other big items, it is best to go for the courier services so that you are not met with other hindrances and also receive the consignment on time.

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