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6 Post Office Facts to Learn Today

Post Office

The new generation does not know the importance of post offices. Most people assume that post offices are an outdated sector for mailing official letters, postcards, and bills. However, the post offices do a lot more than managing junk mails. Other than delivering over 450 million pieces of mails every day, the postal services offer other services as well. Here are some facts about your post offices that will make you question your decision to assume post offices as an outdated sector.

You can check your mail before it is delivered

When you need to check your mail immediately while it is still at the post office or on the way, you can sign up for such a service for free. You can preview the images of the letter, size of the mail and track your packages live using your computer or smartphone.

Post offices help society

Did you know, the National Association of Letter Carrier’s host the biggest single-day food drive around the country? They provide food to the needy in more than 10,000 cities. It benefits the food banks, pantries, and shelters. You can contribute to this cause by leaving canned and non-perishable food next to your mailbox, and the carriers will take care of the rest.

When the mail goes missing

When a vast majority of mailed letters arrive together, things can go wrong. In case you have lost a mail, or it did not get received by the person whom you sent it, you can submit a request to the USPS to search for the mail. You need to address the sender’s and receiver’s name and the date it was mailed on. The service will also keep you updated by tracking the progress of the mail search.

You cannot mail everything

There is a list of things that you cannot mail. When you feel like taking advantage of the low delivery services, you must make sure that the object is allowed by the post office to get mailed no matter how big it is. Some of the things that cannot be mailed, including children, are explosives, airbags, inflammable items, and even cannabis despite being legalized.

The salary of Postmaster General

The Postmaster General makes more income than the Vice President of the country. It is an impressive role that can pay around $288,000 annually. The salary of a Vice President is $230,700 per year. Postmaster General’s position is quite impressive, considering that you head the entire mailing service of the nation.

Postmaster General

Unreadable mails are saved

When a letter is written by a toddler, a doctor (pun intended), or a person with very bad handwriting, it still has a place in the post office. Today most mail information is read using machines. However, in case the address and details are too unreadable, the mail is sent to the US Postal Service Remote Encoding Center, where a team of postal employees deciphers the writing to make sure it reaches the correct address. Over five million letters get processed by this facility every day.

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